In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting donations be made to the BRCA Foundation, the Burn Foundation of America, or the Georgia Trauma Foundation.


Tribute Wall

The stories below were shared by family members, staff and friends in tribute to Dr. Mullins. If you have a story you would like to share you can submit it here.

Stephanie Lake

Athens, GA
On June 2, 2020 I walked into the JMS Burn Center at Doctor’s Hospital of Augusta for the first time. I had sustained a burn injury 2 days prior and was referred by my local hospital. I was nervous and freaking out a little. I’d never been burned before….

Kylisha Mcclattie

Augusta, Georgia

I never really believed in a super hero or magic but i do know there’s a such thing as angels and just pure blessings. Six years ago i met all of the above when i walked into Dr Mullins’s clinic. I was sick…didn’t really know what was wrong until…

Morgan Womack Nasif

Utica, MS

Dr. Mullins came to Mississippi and saw me when I first presented with SJS and he arranged to have me flown to Augusta immediately. He even arranged to allow my mom to fly in the jet with me. He saved my life and was so kind and loving during…

Martha Beckworth


I had worked with Dr. Mullins since 2003. My mom and dad had contacted MRSA and had several troublesome spots. I was called down to the wound clinic to where my parents were. Dr. Mullins was in the room taking care of my parents. My dad said, ” This…

Sanford Hawkins MD

Thomasville, GA

Fred and I are friends since med school and he has always been a phone call or text away. No matter what time. I have transferred him patients which he took with no hesitation. Well a dear friend of mine was dying from a systemic infection from a leg…

Anne Marie Davis

Blacksburg, SC

My husband’s hand was burned to the bones in a machine and Dr. Mullins was able to save his hand. We had countless surgeries but throughout this whole time he helped us remain positive. We were so very thankful for him!

Amy Dowden


April 27, 2020 Dr Mullins saved my life. I was transported to Doctors Hospital. Within 30 minutes I was prepped for surgery and I was totally freaking out..not only did Dr Mullins calm me down but he told me that he was going to save my life. 5 surgeries…

Michael Van Vickery

Savannah, Georgia

Roman’s 13:7 says; “Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor then honor.
Today I would like to give honor to someone who made an impact in many many lives, including mine. His name is…

Pamela Ates Lehman

Holt, Florida

In 2008 my then 7 year old son, who is severely Autistic was burned over 75% of this body. Statistics were not on his side but Dr. Mullins & JMS never gave up. Dr. Mullins and the staff at JMS were a huge blessing to me and my family….

Tiffany Johnson

Millen, GA

I flew fixed wing and rotor wing burn patients to Dr. Mullins. Any and every patient I ever took there, he was available by phone, no matter the time. He always helped in every way and said “bring them on”. It is rare for a Doctor much less one…

Emily Skeens


Dr. Mullins saved my leg from necrotizing fasciitis, he did all 12 of my surgeries.
( including 2 skin grafts ) . I’ll never forget his kind and respectful spirt !! Thank you, Dr.Mullins .. May God rest your soul.

Susan Frost

Dublin, GA

We are heartbroken over the loss of Dr. Fred Mullins. When Vic came in to JMS Clinic burned, frightened & unsure of the future, Dr. Mullins put him at ease with his gentle words, confident manner & compassionate heart. Through many surgeries & procedures, Dr Mullins & his team…

Kennith Fleming

Virgie, Kentucky

I received treatment back in 2014 from an electrical accident. Covered in 75%, 3-4th degree burns I was treated so wonderfully by Dr. Fred Mullins and an awesome team of nurses 24/7. When I’m on my death bed I will have forgotten my children’s names but not his.

Mary Anne Bone


When my niece was three she was burned very badly over 50% including her face Thankful Dr Mullins was able to save her and she is now 19. We thank Dr Mullins and was so hoping she would get to see him again.

Sonya Thornburg

Gaffney, SC

My husband was electrocuted in 2013 and fell 35 feet. After being flown to the burn center, I met Dr. Mullins. He saved my husbands life after 10 surgeries and skin graphs. Having two small kids and traveling from SC to Georgia was really tough. Dr. Mullins was an…