Breast plastic surgeries are minimally invasive procedures that restore and improve the size, shape and position of the breasts.  Options for these surgeries include reconstruction, augmentation (enlargement), reduction and lift.

Breast plastic surgeries are tremendously beneficial to women who have lost their breast(s) from mastectomy or lumpectomy and would like to have breast reconstruction to restore natural-looking shape, appearance and size, or lost breast volume due to pregnancy or nursing.  Patients may also want breasts that are in proportion with their body size, or desire a fuller profile. At BRCA, our highly-trained and experienced plastic surgery team will discuss your priorities to help you choose the right procedure and achieve your goals.

Is it cosmetic surgery?

In most cases, breast restoration is treatment of a disease and considered a reconstructive surgery, not a cosmetic procedure.

When’s the best time to have breast reconstruction? 

Our team will work with you to identify the appropriate time for your procedure, accounting for your medical condition, procedural approaches, anatomy and personal desire.  Our goal is to create a personalized plan with you to achieve your goals with optimal outcomes in a safe manner. Patients who have begun chemotherapy or radiation will need to wait until they have completed that treatment.

Breast Reconstruction Approaches


Implants are made out of silicone, saline or a combination of both.  They are placed beneath the chest muscle. This differs from breast augmentation where implants are placed on top of the chest muscle.


During this reconstructive procedure, a breast is created with tissue taken from other parts of the body, such as the thighs, abdominal or gluteal regions.  The tissue is then transplanted to the chest, where surgeons can reconnect blood vessels.

Planning for Breast Reconstruction

Women who will have a mastectomy, or may lose a breast from a lumpectomy, have options for surgery:

  • Immediate Breast Reconstruction – Women who are not undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment may choose to have reconstruction done in conjunction with their mastectomy or other surgical intervention.
  • Delayed Breast Reconstruction – We recommend that women undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment delay their breast reconstruction.  If breast reconstruction is not delayed, a reconstructed breast may lose its appearance, change in shape or texture, become painful and could potentially put a person at-risk. A tissue expander will be inserted after the mastectomy to keep the breast skin that was saved during the procedure in preparation for the final reconstruction, which will be scheduled several months after radiation treatment is complete.