Stephanie Lake

Athens, GA

On June 2, 2020 I walked into the JMS Burn Center at Doctor’s Hospital of Augusta for the first time. I had sustained a burn injury 2 days prior and was referred by my local hospital. I was nervous and freaking out a little. I’d never been burned before. Everything was happening so fast. Nurses were doing their thing. Then Dr. Mullins came in. He looked at my arms and asked what happened. After he heard my story he told me what needed to be done and that it would be done under anesthesia. Then he smiled and patted me on the arm. The look on his face and in his eyes immediately put me at ease. I had hoped to see him at my first follow up so I could thank him but he wasn’t there that day. It was at the next appointment that I found out he had passed. I was devastated. I only knew Dr. Mullins for about a minute but he touched my heart. When I said that to one of the nurses she told me that was him all over. He left a mark on everyone.