JMS Research Foundation

The Joseph M. Still Research Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to implementing quality research efforts that contribute to and support evidence-based initiatives, better standardization of care and patient outcomes.

A non-profit, private organization in Augusta, Georgia, the foundation was created to:

  • Develop clinical research to improve the care of burn patients
  • Develop education programs for members of the burn and wound team
  • Provide assistance and teaching in burn care to under-developed countries, in response to burn disasters in particular
  • Disseminate new knowledge in epidemiology and management of burn-associated injuries and wounds

For more than 40 years, Burn and Reconstructive Centers of America has worked to provide access to comprehensive and convenient burn care to all patients across the nation. One key component in ensuring patients receive this care is our partnership with the JMS Research Foundation.

For more information about research studies at the Joseph M. Still Research Foundation, email [email protected] or call 706-364-2966.