Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (“HBO Therapy”) provides a patient the ability to breathe 100% oxygen at pressures greater than normal atmospheric (sea level) pressure.  This allows more oxygen to pass throughout a patient’s body to promote healing, fight infection and kill bacteria.

HBO Therapy can assist patients who have carbon monoxide poisoning, challenges associated with wound healing, necrotizing soft tissue conditions, or skin grafts/flaps.  Patients may need more than one HBO Therapy treatment to help their recovery. HBO Therapy does not require a hospital stay, except for patients who are already in the hospital and will be returned to their hospital room. Patients using HBO Therapy will go through three phases of care:


During this phase, the patient experiences increased pressure in their ears.  Before the treatment, patients are taught how to clear their ears. The HBO Therapy technician helps the patient release the pressure in their ears during the treatment.


HBO Therapy feels warm during the compression phase due to pressurization. Once the prescribed pressure is reached, the temperature in the chamber cools. During this time the patient may choose to watch TV, listen to music, or sleep. The treatment lasts approximately 90-120 minutes.


The decompression phase begins at the end of treatment. As the pressure is decreased, a “pop” or “crackling” sound occurs as the patient’s ears readjust to normal pressure.

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