With multidisciplinary surgeons, Burn and Reconstructive Centers of America provides comprehensive and individualized treatment plans that fit your needs to give you the best outcome possible. As part of our long-term care and reconstructive services, BRCA offers tissue expansion surgery as a treatment option for contracture release, breast reconstruction, skin repair and more.

A tissue expansion procedure consists of a carbon dioxide or saline filled balloon inserted under the skin and tissue of the affected area. Over time, your surgeon will gradually inflate the balloon by inserting a needle through a self-sealing valve or by a remote dosage controller. Once the area has reached the desired expansion, your surgeon will deflate and remove the balloon. Multiple tissue expansion surgeries may be required depending on the severity of the injury.

Who is a candidate for tissue expansion?

Candidates for tissue expansion surgery include those experiencing:

  • A single or double mastectomy
  • Contracture
  • A traumatic scalp or head injury
  • An acute skin injury to the face, neck, hands, arms or legs

What outcomes can you expect from tissue expansion surgery at BRCA?

BRCA strives to give each of our patients the best outcome possible and, while we cannot guarantee that the tissue expansion surgery will achieve every initiative in your care plan, you can expect to experience some or all of the following:

  • Pain relief
  • Contracture release
  • Improved appearance
  • Reduced pulling, tightness or pressure
  • Improved function or range of motion