In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting donations be made to the BRCA Foundation, the Burn Foundation of America, or the Georgia Trauma Foundation.


Tribute Wall

The stories below were shared by family members, staff and friends in tribute to Dr. Mullins. If you have a story you would like to share you can submit it here.

Kennith Fleming

Virgie, Kentucky
I received treatment back in 2014 from an electrical accident. Covered in 75%, 3-4th degree burns I was treated so wonderfully by Dr. Fred Mullins and an awesome team of nurses 24/7. When I’m on my death bed I will have forgotten my children’s names but not his.

Mary Anne Bone


When my niece was three she was burned very badly over 50% including her face Thankful Dr Mullins was able to save her and she is now 19. We thank Dr Mullins and was so hoping she would get to see him again.

Sonya Thornburg

Gaffney, SC

My husband was electrocuted in 2013 and fell 35 feet. After being flown to the burn center, I met Dr. Mullins. He saved my husbands life after 10 surgeries and skin graphs. Having two small kids and traveling from SC to Georgia was really tough. Dr. Mullins was an…

Cicily youmans


I’m so grateful to Dr.Mullins for saving my life on several occasions he was a great person and a great doctor whose bedside manners was so respectful and so was he, he will be truly missed my heart is so heavy because a genuine person with a heart of…

Tara Thain

Hephzibah, Georgia

My daughter suffered a horrible burn on her face as an infant. Dr. Mullins was the most caring and compassionate person I’ve ever met. He assured me he would take excellent care of her. She had a skin graph done over her nose and forehead and now and 8…

Alexandrina Atanassova

Summerville, S.C.

I will forever be grateful for Dr. Mullins and his team. He saved my child. We were in a terrible accident where my daughter suffered multiple burns both 2nd and 3rd degree. At the time she was only 3 years old and we had no idea what to expect….

Jennifer Elliott

Lexington, South Carolina

Dr. Mullins saved my husbands life after he was burned in a work accident. He was burned on 65% of his body and spent 38 days in the ICU. Right before he was hurt we found out that I was pregnant after years of fertility issues and it was…

Mary Nix

Bamberg South Carolina

Dr. Mullins came into our lives in 2010.
My little brother who was five at the time was burned 98% of his body. He was flown from Hampton Regional medical center in Hampton sc to JMS Burn Center at Doctors Hospital. Dr Mullins was Jacob’s doctor from the time he…

Tracy Arther

Celina, Tx

The loss of a true pioneer and heavy influence on burn care and trauma is felt around the world. Dr. Mullins’ compassion and true desire to educate and better the in-hospital and pre-hospital field is unmatched by any surgeon I have ever encountered in my career. May his blessings,…

Lisa Remington

Augusta Ga

I wish I would have told him how much I admired his hard work and what he did for people. He is truly missed.

Amy Boan


Dr. Mullins will always be a person of great admiration and respect for our family. He had a sincere, personal way that he cared for his patients that provided a confidence for our family while my husband was treated for 2nd and 3rd degree burns at the Augusta Burn…

Donna Chavis

Columbia, South Carolina

One night I was staying with Woodie My Husband during his surgery and I was at the Chavis house which is named after a firefighter who died in the line of duty and I met a young woman and her mother who were from Barborville Ky. Her husband had…

Elizabeth Anderson

Bainbridge, Georgia

When my husband had his amputated. He was transported from Donalsonville hospital to Augusta. He took care of my husband. He told us instead of taking the long ride to August each week and told us he would have his team come to Valdosta each Wednesday for my husband…

Leon Weaver

Sandersville, Georgia

He and Dr. Fagan saved my life back in Aug. of 2019. I had a rare form of genital gangrene caused by diabetic medicine. I had slight chance of living. He assured me I would make it. It took 14 operations but I made it. Over 30 days in…

Patrick Shay

What a huge loss for us all. This is the amazing DR that saved my little girls life and started this fight to put her back together.