Fourth of July firework safety tips from the experts at BRCA

As pandemic restrictions are lifted, and the country eases back into large gatherings and social events, Beretta Craft-Coffman, chief clinical officer at Burn and Reconstructive Centers of America (BRCA), wants to wish everyone a safe, friends-and-family-filled Fourth of July weekend. “Many counties and states across the country are re-introducing public events for the first time […]

Migraine Awareness Month Q&A with Dr. Ryan D. Endress

Q: What is migraine/severe headache surgery? Migraine/severe headache surgery is a minimally-invasive procedure that aims to reduce or eliminate migraine headache frequency, intensity, and duration by releasing or removing the muscles, vessels, or connective tissue compressing the involved nerves. Q: Who is a candidate for migraine/severe headache surgery? You are a candidate if: You have […]