Dr. Chowdhry
Dr. Chowdhry

Meet Dr. Chowdhry, a Burn Surgeon in Atlanta

January 5, 2021

Name: Tayseer H. Chowdhry, M.D.
Title: Burn Surgeon
Location: Atlanta, Georgia 

Where were you born?

Brooklyn, New York 

Where did you grow up?

Columbia, Maryland  

Tell us about your family.  

My wife is a marketing major with aspirations to pursue further education in interior design once our two children are a little older and in school. My father is a cardiologist in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area and gave me my first exposure to medicine and patient care. My mother is a homemaker and a real-estate agent. And my younger brother and his wife are corporate lawyers in Washington, D.C. 

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are working out (weights only please, cardio and I do not get along), movies and tv, and eating food of all kind – eating home cooked meals and eating out. We will spend as much or as little on a meal as necessary. We look for quality and flavor and value over all else. Some of the best meals we have eaten have cost less than a dollar and some of our worst meals have been at the best restaurants in the country. 

Why did you choose burn care/BRCA? 

I chose burn care because it is one of the few fields that allows a surgeon to be a specialist and still operate on all age ranges and all parts of the body. It factors in critical care, acute lifesaving surgery, and long-term reconstruction. I enjoy taking the time to talk to my patients and their families, and communication in the short and long term is paramount to patient satisfaction in this field. Why did I choose BRCA? The answer is simple – they are the best. No one cares for more patients, and no one else could provide me with the same opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

My favorite part of the job? Least favorite? 

My favorite part of the job is being able to make a positive impact in a person’s life at a time when they need a win the most and then seeing them thrive in the months and years to come. My least favorite part of the job is that despite our best efforts and the best of modern medicine, we cannot help everyone reach the outcomes they hope for. 

What gets me out of bed in the morning? 

If it isn’t my 4yearold son coming to our room like clockwork between 5:30-6:00 in the morning, it is the knowledge that I can help my patients improve some aspect of their lives. Whether it is to close a wound, revise a scar, release a contracture, treat an infection, or even something as simple as correct an electrolyte issue, I want to make sure that my patients are getting some form of relief or comfort.  

Biggest achievement to date? 

My biggest achievement is raising my two sons with my wife. 

Favorite movie? 

As I said earlier, I love watching movies! To pick just one is impossible. It definitely changes from year to year. For the past 7 years, Ive shifted away from dramas and serious movies (I get enough of that at the hospital) toward fun popcorn flicks and comedies. But there are a few that I will always stop on if they are on TV. At the top of that list is “The Fifth Element.” Luc Besson put together an amazing cast and mixed all kinds of music, special effects, action, comedy, and cinematography into a truly entertaining film – I recommend it to everyone.