Donna Chavis

Columbia, South Carolina

One night I was staying with Woodie My Husband during his surgery and I was at the Chavis house which is named after a firefighter who died in the line of duty and I met a young woman and her mother who were from Barborville Ky. Her husband had been in a terrible accident and sent to two medical centers and finally sent to Drs in Augusta. I had lived in Ky for 10 years and reached out to this young woman to try to help If she needed. I knew that Dr Mullins would take good care of them. The thing is he dealt with life and death on a daily basis. When we went for a check up we knew children and Trama came first and we NEVER !! said anything about the wait we were blessed to have the best medical care offered any where in the world!! I will miss this man. I have been registered and worked in the medical field for 47 years and he was the best I have ever known. Thank you Dr Mullins!!