British Shorthair and Golden Retriever get along friendly
British Shorthair and Golden Retriever get along friendly

Animal aggression: what to look out for

July 28, 2022

No matter an animal’s breed, age or background, they can be triggered by things you least expect, such as loud noises, behavior they consider threatening, children, a need to protect their owner, food and other things.

Dog and cat bites can be dangerous if the bite is deep and left untreated. Deep bites can cause skin, nerve, tissue, muscle and tendon damage, leading to difficulties moving the affected area and possibly requiring reconstruction. The best action for any bite from a strange or familiar animal is to visit the nearest wound clinic to ensure that the bite is well cleaned, repaired and dressed.

If the bite causes a decrease or loss of function, you may need surgery to reconstruct the torn tendons, muscles or nerves. In this case, consult a hand specialist like the ones found throughout BRCA’s care system.

Watch our video on animal bites to learn the signs of aggression from dogs and cats to help avoid or prevent bite injuries.