Joseph M. Still Burn Centers Inc. provider speaks to Jamaican consulate, Sanmerna Foundation

December 21, 2022

Under the management of Burn and Reconstructive Centers of America (BRCA), Joseph M. Still (JMS) Burn Centers Inc. continues to care for a young patient from Jamaica thanks to donations raised by the Sanmerna Foundation, the Atlanta Jamaican Association, the Jamaican Diaspora and Jamaica’s Consul Generals to Miami and New York.

The largest burn center in the U.S. and headquarters to the nation’s most extensive system of burn care providers, the JMS Burn Center at Doctors Hospital of Augusta is honored to be top of mind for burns, wounds and other injuries regardless of their location, including Jamaica. Thanks to the work of the Sanmerna Foundation, which was created to extend a helping hand through education, health, technology, sports and hospitality, the JMS burn team was able to help save the life of a patient after being airlifted from her home in Westmoreland, Jamaica to Augusta, Georgia.

Adrianna Laing suffered burns on 56% of her body from a tragic house fire that claimed the lives of her three younger brothers in early September. Since then, she has undergone nearly 20 surgeries at the JMS Burn Center at Doctors Hospital of Augusta.

“Our focus is our patients,” said Max Thorsbakken, Chief Operating Officer at BRCA. “We’re committed to offering unsurpassed care to every patient, and we are thankful to be known internationally for that dedication and our truly exceptional team of burn care providers.”

A premium source for complete, patient-focused burn, hand and wound care, BRCA strives to give patients back as much of their lives as possible.

“In our team, we have seven surgeons and six intensivists, both pediatric and adult, and we have a fantastic group of mid-levels and nurses in the burn center,” said Dr. Zaheed Hassan, president of JMS Burn Centers Inc. “We also have a very experienced group of anesthesia providers, operating room staff and eight dedicated operating rooms for burn services—we all work together for the best results.”

In a remote press conference with members of the Jamaican consulate, the Sanmerna Foundation and others, Dr. Hassan gave an update on the patient and spoke to the support from the hospital.

“Fortunately for us, Doctors Hospital and the corporation they’re under [HCA] are very supportive and receptive about these kinds of situations, and we were able to bring Adrianna here,” Dr. Hassan said. “I’m very happy with the team that I worked with, and I’m thrilled with the way Adrianna is doing [right now].“

Currently, the Sanmerna Foundation is working to establish a burn unit in Jamaica with the help of the Jamaican Government, hoping to bring the same level of care and patient outcomes closer to home.

“We know the difference location can make on patient outcomes, and our commitment to patients doesn’t limit burn care to those within our borders,” said Thorsbakken. “The Sanmerna Foundation has done excellent work, and as they progress with their goals, we hope to help in whatever way we can. Whether consulting on creating a burn center or bringing a BRCA partnership to Jamaica, we’re here to support their work.”


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